Two decades too many!

It's 18 April, which means it's Mia's anniversary, and once again I lament that this is the only time I update her blog.  I don't mean to - it's just that things get away from me, and suddenly it's a year later, and here we are again.  On 18 April 2003, Mia and I were the car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury, meaning it's been ... yikes, 20 years.  I don't mind her getting older except that it reminds me that I'm getting older! The reason I don't write as much as I used to is, as I've noted recently, that Mia's life has settled in pretty nicely to a good routine.  This year was no exception.  After COVID, she's been back in school and at summer camp, and she loves it (we did all get COVID last summer, but it barely affected Mia, because she's super-tough!).  She comes home, watches television, gets therapy on the days she gets therapy, and sleeps.  After this school year, she has two years left, so we don't

An anniversary it never gets easier writing about!

Today is the 19th anniversary of Mia's car accident, which damaged her brain and almost killed her.  Every year on this date, I write about the year just past, and today it's been a year since I updated the blog, which is now a new one because for some reason, I can't access the old one.  I wish I wrote more on this blog, but real life is just too much in the way these days.  Mia is doing fine, which is nice.  Things surrounding her are a bit less fine, but that's the way it is. I don't have a lot of information about her - things are moving along.  She's been doing fine in school, and we're always glad that she's able to go, see her friends, do a bit of learning, and spend some time out and about in the community.  She's a very social animal, and she always gets to school and yells out her classmates' names (she doesn't actually say hello to them, because that would be too easy, although her teachers are always trying to get her to do it!) a